Low Credit cooperates with Cautomatic.



March 12, 2019 Low Credit has introduced a new customer verification option – cantautomatic. It’s so-called a quick identification service that lets you take out a loan without transferring a penny to your lender’s account. Cantautomatic is a safe, proven and reliable service. Thanks to it, loans from Low Credit can be obtained even faster. 

Verification at Low Credit is even simpler thanks to cantautomatic

Verification at Low Credit is even simpler thanks to Kontomatik

cantautomatic, one of the most modern methods of customer verification by loan companies, is now also available at Low Credit. The customer can now perform immediate verification using a bank account and does not need to transfer a penny to the lender’s account.

How to verify with cantautomatic in Low Credit? Just when filling out the form on the website Low Credit choose cantautomatic as the verification option, and then log in to your bank account. Thanks to this, the loan company can quickly analyze the user’s banking history – mainly receipts, transfer history and the balance of funds on the account, as well as personal and address data. If everything agrees with what was entered in the application and the customer has a good credit history, the verification will be positive and it will take only two or three minutes.

Cantautomatic is a secure service. There is no chance for our personal data to leak, which is why it is one of the best verification options at a loan company. It has been operating since 2009, is available in several countries and serves 95 banks, which proves the company’s reliability.

Low Credit with the first free loan up to PLN 3100!

Low Credit with the first <a href=free loan up to PLN 3100!” width=”426″ height=”640″ />

The first non-bank loan in Low Credit is free. This does not mean, of course, that we do not have to give it back at all – there are no such miracles. However, new customers are not charged for borrowing costs (which are still low), so after 30 days they give back exactly the same amount as they borrowed.

The only condition for using the promotion is the upper limit of the amount – it cannot exceed PLN 3100.