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Cheap Credit shows how easy and cheap online borrowing can be. The first time you can apply for a free loan of up to PLN 1,700. If you want to use the first loan with no commission and interest, watch the instructional video that will guide you through all stages of applying at SamiCredit.

Sami Credit belongs to Astro Finance Sp. z o. o. This is a dynamically developing company that puts the customer’s needs first. Above all, he values ​​the individual approach to each borrower. Cheap Loan provides short-term loans up to 30 days, up to PLN 6,000 for regular customers.

Cheap Loan – Offer details

Cheap Loan - Offer details

Sami Credit belongs to the Astro Finance company, which is dynamically developing on the consumer finance market. The main priority of the company is an individual approach to the needs of each client, which results in a large number of satisfied users. The lender’s offer consists of short-term loans from PLN 200 for a maximum of 30 days. An encouraging proposition is the possibility of taking the first online loan for the amount of PLN 1700 without any additional fees or commissions – you only pay back as much as you take. For regular customers there is a no less tempting offer that allows you to fund your account by up to PLN 4,000. An important aspect is also that the customer gets a fairly transparent and understandable contract that presents all the conditions without any hidden fees, so at the time of settlement of receivables you will not be surprised.

Logging in to Cheap Credit

Logging in to Cheap Credit

Before starting the registration process, you should familiarize yourself with the main conditions that may affect your loan decision. These include Polish citizenship, a valid ID card and no entries in databases that indicate late payment or debt, such as BIG, ERIF, KRD. An equally important fact is also the lender’s age, which is to be between 21 and 65 years old. Customers who already have a loan at Cheap Credit can only take another commitment after settling the previous one.

One of the significant advantages of Sami Credit is joining the lender to the FairPay program. It is a program that helps to reward customers of loan companies for timely payment of receivables. According to FairPay assumptions, a loan institution can confirm the payment reliability of the user by adding positive information about the customer. Such entries build a good payment history of the borrower, confirm his credibility in the eyes of service providers and increase the chances of positive consideration of applications for subsequent loans. This approach has been appreciated by the company’s clients, thanks to which we can meet many positive opinions about the lender.

Crediten- the first loan up to PLN 3,000 for free!

First loan, up to 3000 for free!

First loan, up to 3000 for free!

PLN 3,000 – this is the free payday payday at Crediten. It is worth noting that the amount of payday pay offered is relatively high. Such a loan is a great solution for people who were surprised by the unexpected expense. In the case of the first free payday pay, exactly as much as borrowed. Interestingly, if the customer will not be able to repay the liability within the prescribed period, the company offers an extension of repayment.

The process of applying for payday payday is simple. The potential borrower must have a stable income and live in Poland. A bank account and an active telephone number are also obligatory. Important – the lender cannot have delays in repayment of previous obligations.

One of the highest payday loans on the market

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PLN 5,000 – that’s how much a person who has already used Crediten can borrow. The payback time is standard and is 30 days. It is worth noting that the amount of payday pay is one of the highest on the market.

All information regarding the due date and interest rates is available on the lender’s website. With this solution, the customer immediately has clarity about the total cost of the loan.

The hotline operates 7 days a week

The hotline operates 7 days a week

In a situation where the borrower wants to receive information about the instant payday, all he has to do is log in to his profile at Crediten. If he has more questions, he can use the hotline.

Interestingly, people with other obligations, e.g. a mortgage, can apply for a loan. In this case, however, the borrower cannot appear on any list of debtors.

Registration at Crediten

Registration at Crediten

Applying at Crediten is very simple. It is worth checking how to complete the loan application on the video below:


“Crediten is one of the best lenders in Poland, operating in the online segment. The company constantly monitors the market and is able to respond to customer needs. This is demonstrated by the increase in the amount of the first loan to PLN 3,000. It is also worth paying attention to the simplified system of applying for payday pay, “comments by one of the financial analyst, expert Trueier.Net


CreditCole- cash loan.

CreditCole is a universal bank that focuses primarily on long-term customer relationships. The bank grants cash loans up to PLN 150,000 for any purpose.

CreditCole Bank Polska has been operating under the current banner since 2011. The bank’s head office is located in Wrocław. To this should be added over 460 own and partner stationary outlets. The bank also runs electronic and telephone banking. CreditCole employs nearly 5,000 people and serves over 2.1 million customers, including small businesses, farmers, corporations and individual customers.

CreditCole – offer

CreditCole - offer

CreditCole has a wide package of banking products. Services are dedicated to individual, business and farmers customers – from personal accounts for PLN 0, through credit cards, cash loans, mortgages, consolidation, insurance and products related to investing or saving.

You can also use the installment loan in e-stores and service and commercial outlets throughout the country, i.e. installment loans and photovoltaic loans. What’s more, the bank offers attractive investment deposits.

Cash loan up to 150,000 zł

Cash loan up to 150,000 zł

CreditCole has prepared an attractive offer of cash loans. It can be used by people who have a stable income. Borrowers can apply for an amount of up to PLN 150,000. PLN for any purpose. In order to take out a loan, you must provide a statement of earnings. An accepted form of employment is an employment contract and business activity. Pensioners can also benefit from the offer. The bank approaches other forms of employment individually.

Loan period – from one month to 120 months. In addition, the borrower can set the repayment date himself. When taking a loan, you can also take advantage of the cash loan insurance offered – you can choose between the Basic Package and the Extended Package.

Interestingly, in order to obtain a higher loan amount, it is enough to contract with another borrower. It can be a spouse, another family member or any unrelated person. Joint credit is a chance for and thus a higher amount.

Compare other loan offers thanks to our cash loan ranking.

How to take a loan at CreditCole?

How to take a loan at CreditCole?

The bank has provided several different ways through which you can apply for a loan. You can do this in person by visiting one of CreditCole’s branches located throughout the country. To facilitate the appointment with an adviser, you can make an appointment electronically.

Another way is to talk to a bank consultant by phone. The number can be found on the CreditCole website. The bank also gives the opportunity to apply for a loan via sms. After sending a special message, the appropriate adviser will call you back on our phone number.

The last way is to submit an application online. Just specify the amount you are interested in and indicate the term of the loan. Then complete the form and provide your basic personal data, i.e. name, surname, PESEL, address of residence and correspondence address.

CreditCole requirements

CreditCole requirements

Each loan application is considered individually. If the proposed amount is too low after checking your creditworthiness, you can increase it. All you have to do is combine income with another co-borrower. In order to take a loan:

  • have an ID card,
  • be of legal age,
  • have a steady source of income.