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A mini loan is a small loan from a low amount, often under a thousand USD. You usually pay back a mini loan within a month. The costs of this popular loan are relatively high, but the mini loan is easy to take out. You usually do not need a lot of income to get a mini loan and you do not really have to send any supporting documents to get the loan.

Apply online for loan bad credit: Get Started Here Today

The online loan for bad credit is a favorite loan for people who have bad credit and want to borrow money quickly, for example, to quickly pay an overdue bill or because the money has run out and they still want to eat. It is mainly people who are in debt and have been in the red for too long. Many people who take out this loan do not leave this at once but often do it 3 times.

Sometimes people also use the loan to quickly buy something that has broken into the house or to buy something while they do not have the money yet. However, there are fewer people who use the loan to buy something new than people who use the loan for arrears or just to make ends meet “until the end of the month”.

However, the loan is not cheap. Often many people do not realize how much they really have to pay back after 2 or 4 weeks. Especially if people borrow money because they are already in debt, this loan is not a smart choice. The loan often leads to higher debts. It is therefore not advisable to take out a mini loan.

Mini loan without a credit

The mini loan is also popular because most lenders do not do a credit check at the BKR. It is, therefore, a form of borrowing money without BKR. This makes a mini loan an easy loan to apply for. Like the mini loan without paperwork, the mini loan without a credit card is a very popular form of credit.

There are not many providers of mini-loan without BKR in the Netherlands. There were some more, but since a new law from 2011 and enforcement of the law, there have been far fewer mini-loan providers. There are only two real providers who both operate from abroad. One from Malta, and the other from England.

Apply for a mini loan

Apply for a mini loan

Requesting a mini loan usually takes no more than 5 minutes and is free of obligation. Sometimes you will receive an e-mail with a request for additional information. Applying is free of obligation, but the loan is tempting. Pay close attention to what you start with and be aware of the costs and risks of the mini loan.

Payday loan online -Getting a payday advance loan online has never been this easy

Speaking of interest, interest is also charged on the amount to be repaid after the loan has been withdrawn. This interest rate is higher than the interest rate on bank loans, for the simple reason that short-term loans are unsecured, so the risk to the lender is too great – since no proof is required of the consumer’s solvency, he is very unlikely to be able to return the amount withdrawn. Accordingly, higher risk means higher interest rate. A way for the lender to protect themselves from unwanted financial losses.

Getting a payday advance loan online has never been this easy

Payday loans online as paydayrelay.com notes have many advantages, some of which we will try to list in the following lines:

  • Fast application and approval – all application and filing are done online, and the approval and transfer of money happen within a day, usually within a few hours. Thus, the user has their money available by the end of the day or at the latest on the next business day (if they applied late in the evening);
  • Easy and fast repayment – repayment of short-term loans is made at once without committing to long-term repayments and monthly installments, which can be a big problem at any given time;
  • The application requirements are kept to a minimum – no guarantors, no collateral, no compulsory employment contract or demonstrable income to show that the consumer can recover the amount when the due date comes;
  • Convenience – Apply online without having to wander around offices and wait in lines. There are no endless documents to fill out and all refund amounts are clearly indicated;

Lender must be fair to its customers

Therefore, all interest, fees and additional charges must be visible to the applicant before he or she has made a firm decision on whether to take advantage of a quick loan to paycheck and what amount to withdraw accurately. This way, the user will know exactly how much he has to pay back and be able to get an accurate account. This is good advice not only for the consumer, who will manage their finances much better but also for the lender, as the consumer will withdraw as much as he can return without a hitch – a situation that is sought on both sides.


  • Good judgment is required as to the amount you wish to withdraw – only withdraw as much as you can after the interest has been charged;
  • Not recommended for use with any kind of expense – short-term online loans are most effective when used for urgent, surprising expenses that you cannot otherwise cover. It is not recommended to use a payday loan for non-urgent purchases or just for pocket money, as the effect of the loan will be minimal and in some cases even negative. Use as intended.If you are familiar with all the information about short-term payday loans and feel that you are in a situation that requires applying for this type of loan, you can always turn to Seratum to get a reliable and reliable partner in your fight with financial problems

Remember that every first payday loan from Seratum is interest-free! Get a loan without interest up to 700 BGN and up to 15 days!

Registration in Cheap Loan – How to take payday loans


Cheap Credit shows how easy and cheap online borrowing can be. The first time you can apply for a free loan of up to PLN 1,700. If you want to use the first loan with no commission and interest, watch the instructional video that will guide you through all stages of applying at SamiCredit.

Sami Credit belongs to Astro Finance Sp. z o. o. This is a dynamically developing company that puts the customer’s needs first. Above all, he values ​​the individual approach to each borrower. Cheap Loan provides short-term loans up to 30 days, up to PLN 6,000 for regular customers.

Cheap Loan – Offer details

Cheap Loan - Offer details

Sami Credit belongs to the Astro Finance company, which is dynamically developing on the consumer finance market. The main priority of the company is an individual approach to the needs of each client, which results in a large number of satisfied users. The lender’s offer consists of short-term loans from PLN 200 for a maximum of 30 days. An encouraging proposition is the possibility of taking the first online loan for the amount of PLN 1700 without any additional fees or commissions – you only pay back as much as you take. For regular customers there is a no less tempting offer that allows you to fund your account by up to PLN 4,000. An important aspect is also that the customer gets a fairly transparent and understandable contract that presents all the conditions without any hidden fees, so at the time of settlement of receivables you will not be surprised.

Logging in to Cheap Credit

Logging in to Cheap Credit

Before starting the registration process, you should familiarize yourself with the main conditions that may affect your loan decision. These include Polish citizenship, a valid ID card and no entries in databases that indicate late payment or debt, such as BIG, ERIF, KRD. An equally important fact is also the lender’s age, which is to be between 21 and 65 years old. Customers who already have a loan at Cheap Credit can only take another commitment after settling the previous one.

One of the significant advantages of Sami Credit is joining the lender to the FairPay program. It is a program that helps to reward customers of loan companies for timely payment of receivables. According to FairPay assumptions, a loan institution can confirm the payment reliability of the user by adding positive information about the customer. Such entries build a good payment history of the borrower, confirm his credibility in the eyes of service providers and increase the chances of positive consideration of applications for subsequent loans. This approach has been appreciated by the company’s clients, thanks to which we can meet many positive opinions about the lender.

Crediten- the first loan up to PLN 3,000 for free!

First loan, up to 3000 for free!

First loan, up to 3000 for free!

PLN 3,000 – this is the free payday payday at Crediten. It is worth noting that the amount of payday pay offered is relatively high. Such a loan is a great solution for people who were surprised by the unexpected expense. In the case of the first free payday pay, exactly as much as borrowed. Interestingly, if the customer will not be able to repay the liability within the prescribed period, the company offers an extension of repayment.

The process of applying for payday payday is simple. The potential borrower must have a stable income and live in Poland. A bank account and an active telephone number are also obligatory. Important – the lender cannot have delays in repayment of previous obligations.

One of the highest payday loans on the market

One of the highest <a href=payday loans on the market” width=”640″ height=”465″ />

PLN 5,000 – that’s how much a person who has already used Crediten can borrow. The payback time is standard and is 30 days. It is worth noting that the amount of payday pay is one of the highest on the market.

All information regarding the due date and interest rates is available on the lender’s website. With this solution, the customer immediately has clarity about the total cost of the loan.

The hotline operates 7 days a week

The hotline operates 7 days a week

In a situation where the borrower wants to receive information about the instant payday, all he has to do is log in to his profile at Crediten. If he has more questions, he can use the hotline.

Interestingly, people with other obligations, e.g. a mortgage, can apply for a loan. In this case, however, the borrower cannot appear on any list of debtors.

Registration at Crediten

Registration at Crediten

Applying at Crediten is very simple. It is worth checking how to complete the loan application on the video below:


“Crediten is one of the best lenders in Poland, operating in the online segment. The company constantly monitors the market and is able to respond to customer needs. This is demonstrated by the increase in the amount of the first loan to PLN 3,000. It is also worth paying attention to the simplified system of applying for payday pay, “comments by one of the financial analyst, expert Trueier.Net


CreditCole- cash loan.

CreditCole is a universal bank that focuses primarily on long-term customer relationships. The bank grants cash loans up to PLN 150,000 for any purpose.

CreditCole Bank Polska has been operating under the current banner since 2011. The bank’s head office is located in Wrocław. To this should be added over 460 own and partner stationary outlets. The bank also runs electronic and telephone banking. CreditCole employs nearly 5,000 people and serves over 2.1 million customers, including small businesses, farmers, corporations and individual customers.

CreditCole – offer

CreditCole - offer

CreditCole has a wide package of banking products. Services are dedicated to individual, business and farmers customers – from personal accounts for PLN 0, through credit cards, cash loans, mortgages, consolidation, insurance and products related to investing or saving.

You can also use the installment loan in e-stores and service and commercial outlets throughout the country, i.e. installment loans and photovoltaic loans. What’s more, the bank offers attractive investment deposits.

Cash loan up to 150,000 zł

Cash loan up to 150,000 zł

CreditCole has prepared an attractive offer of cash loans. It can be used by people who have a stable income. Borrowers can apply for an amount of up to PLN 150,000. PLN for any purpose. In order to take out a loan, you must provide a statement of earnings. An accepted form of employment is an employment contract and business activity. Pensioners can also benefit from the offer. The bank approaches other forms of employment individually.

Loan period – from one month to 120 months. In addition, the borrower can set the repayment date himself. When taking a loan, you can also take advantage of the cash loan insurance offered – you can choose between the Basic Package and the Extended Package.

Interestingly, in order to obtain a higher loan amount, it is enough to contract with another borrower. It can be a spouse, another family member or any unrelated person. Joint credit is a chance for and thus a higher amount.

Compare other loan offers thanks to our cash loan ranking.

How to take a loan at CreditCole?

How to take a loan at CreditCole?

The bank has provided several different ways through which you can apply for a loan. You can do this in person by visiting one of CreditCole’s branches located throughout the country. To facilitate the appointment with an adviser, you can make an appointment electronically.

Another way is to talk to a bank consultant by phone. The number can be found on the CreditCole website. The bank also gives the opportunity to apply for a loan via sms. After sending a special message, the appropriate adviser will call you back on our phone number.

The last way is to submit an application online. Just specify the amount you are interested in and indicate the term of the loan. Then complete the form and provide your basic personal data, i.e. name, surname, PESEL, address of residence and correspondence address.

CreditCole requirements

CreditCole requirements

Each loan application is considered individually. If the proposed amount is too low after checking your creditworthiness, you can increase it. All you have to do is combine income with another co-borrower. In order to take a loan:

  • have an ID card,
  • be of legal age,
  • have a steady source of income.

Profit loan – money on your account in 8 minutes!


May 9, 2018 Money in a few minutes on your account and zero unnecessary formalities? It’s possible – at Profit Loan. As always, the company focuses on customer convenience and launches a new online loan offer. Under it, all borrowers have a lot of good bonuses – e.g. one-off deferment of loan installments. 

Profit Loan – belongs to the Profireal Group, which grants loans to our southern neighbors – in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Profit Loan based in Bi Losko Comp., as one of the few loan companies, has an extensive network of branches where we can take out a loan.

Profit Loan also via the Internet – a new product from the lender

Profit Loan also via the Internet - a new product from the lender

Online loan is a new offer from Profit Loan Polska SA, a proven and trusted lender. In March 2017, the company received the distinction – the title of Business Power 2016 in the 9th edition of the Business Power competition! And this is just one of the factors that builds trust in the company. The most important element is a large group of satisfied customers.

Now Profit Loan makes borrowers’ life easier again. The company has made a simple and quick loan available online. The customer verification process is simple. Because it uses an automatic credit decision engine and an integrated mechanism of paying out loans with a quick transfer system. For the customer, this means that the money appears on his account even in a few minutes.

A loan at Profit Loan can be taken out:

  • up to 25,000 zł,
  • for a loan period of up to 48 months.

Profit Loan – promotional loan without interest in the online offer

When taking an installment loan online, the customer does not pay interest, and then the loan is 10% cheaper. (RSO is 0%). That’s not all: as part of the application process, the customer receives points as a reward. These can be exchanged for:

  • installment deferment,
  • halving two installments,
  • repayment of a single loan installment.

Loan at Profit Loan – how to get it online?

Loan at Profit Loan - how to get it online?

To take a loan online with Profit Loan:

  1. Complete a simple form that is on the lender’s website.
  2. Leave your phone number on the Profit Loan website and wait for immediate contact from the lender.

The client does not have to sign any documents. It is enough to enter the required data into an easy-to-use form or provide it in an interview with a consultant.

How long does the entire loan application process take?

  • 5 minutes – this is the time in which the customer completes the form,
  • 2 minutes – that’s how much it takes to calculate the borrower’s creditworthiness by a fast decision engine,
  • 8 minutes – the shortest time that has elapsed since filling out the form until the money appears on the customer’s account!

Problem with paying installments? Take a credit vacation at Profit Loan

Problem with paying installments? Take a <a href=credit vacation at Profit Loan” />

Sometimes it happens that the customer is not able to repay the loan at the moment. No need to panic – Profit Loan is aware of such situations and reaches out a helping hand to customers who are temporarily unable to pay. The company encourages you to contact a financial advisor who will tell you what to do in these situations.

In addition, Profit Loan has been taking care of clients in this area from the very beginning. Already while taking the loan, the client can take an additional package of services that will help him in temporary problems. Thanks to the package you can use the so-called credit holidays, which is to postpone repayment of loan installments for some time. You can also reduce the installment by up to 50 percent, which in special cases will bring relief to the client’s wallet.


Low Credit cooperates with Cautomatic.



March 12, 2019 Low Credit has introduced a new customer verification option – cantautomatic. It’s so-called a quick identification service that lets you take out a loan without transferring a penny to your lender’s account. Cantautomatic is a safe, proven and reliable service. Thanks to it, loans from Low Credit can be obtained even faster. 

Verification at Low Credit is even simpler thanks to cantautomatic

Verification at Low Credit is even simpler thanks to Kontomatik

cantautomatic, one of the most modern methods of customer verification by loan companies, is now also available at Low Credit. The customer can now perform immediate verification using a bank account and does not need to transfer a penny to the lender’s account.

How to verify with cantautomatic in Low Credit? Just when filling out the form on the website Low Credit choose cantautomatic as the verification option, and then log in to your bank account. Thanks to this, the loan company can quickly analyze the user’s banking history – mainly receipts, transfer history and the balance of funds on the account, as well as personal and address data. If everything agrees with what was entered in the application and the customer has a good credit history, the verification will be positive and it will take only two or three minutes.

Cantautomatic is a secure service. There is no chance for our personal data to leak, which is why it is one of the best verification options at a loan company. It has been operating since 2009, is available in several countries and serves 95 banks, which proves the company’s reliability.

Low Credit with the first free loan up to PLN 3100!

Low Credit with the first <a href=free loan up to PLN 3100!” width=”426″ height=”640″ />

The first non-bank loan in Low Credit is free. This does not mean, of course, that we do not have to give it back at all – there are no such miracles. However, new customers are not charged for borrowing costs (which are still low), so after 30 days they give back exactly the same amount as they borrowed.

The only condition for using the promotion is the upper limit of the amount – it cannot exceed PLN 3100.


Loans take only varia-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-aci …

We cannot borrow time, health or wisdom from anyone, but everything else is absolutely right. Which, by the way, we can effectively use! In particular, when it comes to money, which is demonstrated by the growing popularity of microcredit in Poland, which, paradoxically, despite great interest, still raises a lot of controversy.

For some, quick loans are the easiest way to fall into a spiral of debt, and they are used by the last fools. For others, however, it is a useful financial product that helps overcome crisis situations.

We came to the conclusion that it was time to dispel any doubts and decided to find out where the truth lies. For this purpose, we talked with the director of the online credit facility Fast Cash.

We confronted him with the most popular stereotypes regarding online loans. Alexander attempted to deal with them. Did he succeed? Let’s see!

Quick loans are taken by people from the margins and pathological environments, possibly poor pensioners.

Quick loans are taken by people from the margins and pathological environments, possibly poor pensioners.

To dispel this myth, we have launched on our website a service presenting statistics that determine the analytical profile of the average customer applying for a loan from Quick Cash. These data are updated every day and are as follows:

As you can see, our clients have nothing to do with the people we talked about. Isn’t that right?

Why take non-bank loans at all if you can apply for a bank loan?

Why take non-bank loans at all if you can apply for a bank loan?

Of course, in this situation, nothing prevents you from applying for a loan from the bank. But what will you do if you need cash in 5 minutes? You won’t get them at the bank. However, on online loan platforms you will get them easily. Let’s remember that not everyone can boast of a good credit history. In this case, quick loans are the only chance to improve your financial condition.

The truth is that there is no single, perfect solution that works in every situation. Therefore, both banks and metabanks can be a good solution, depending on the circumstances in which we are currently.

To better understand this issue, we have launched an online test that simulates 7 real-world situations that forced Fast Cash customers to borrow money. Everyone can put themselves in their situation and decide whether they would prefer to borrow money at the bank or if they can, however, on the loan service or opt out of the loan and remain without the necessary funds.

How to calculate and check your creditworthiness?

 September 7, 2018 Creditworthiness is one of the most important factors that decide, among others on granting a loan. The conditions for granting loans at different banks differ, however, the analysis of creditworthiness always appears. How to check your credit standing and how to take a loan? In the text we also suggest how to calculate your creditworthiness, where to download the BIK report and how to increase your chances of getting a loan. 

What is creditworthiness – definition

What is creditworthiness - definition

Article 70 of the Banking Law defines creditworthiness as the ability to repay a financial liability incurred. It should be paid with interest on the dates provided for in the loan agreement. The bank has the right to require the borrower to provide documents enabling the assessment of his creditworthiness. After the loan is granted, the bank has the right to control the use and repayment. Moreover, the banking institution from which the applicant wishes to borrow money has a statutory obligation to check its credit history at the Credit Information Bureau.

Pts. 1 article 70 Banking Law says:

The bank makes the loan subject to the borrower’s creditworthiness. Creditworthiness means the ability to repay a loan taken out with interest on the dates specified in the contract. The borrower is obliged to submit, at the bank’s request, the documents and information necessary to assess this ability.

So – without a written proof of repayment possibilities, the bank cannot borrow money. To sum up, creditworthiness is the ability of the borrower to regularly pay off installments with interest. In the absence of it, however, we can apply for a quick loan without checking your creditworthiness.

What affects creditworthiness? 

According to the Credit Information Bureau, creditworthiness analysis is always divided into two parts. The first is quantitative and the second is qualitative.

Quantitative analysis includes:

  • income that is obtained by the applicant for a loan,
  • cost of living during the month – incl. food, bills,
  • all loans and credits – the total amount of current debt.

Qualitative analysis includes personal characteristics and credit history. Personal characteristics are understood as:

  • marital status,
  • number of dependents,
  • education,
  • profession,
  • position held,
  • financial status,
  • seniority,
  • housing status.

Qualitative analysis is a check of data that will affect the regular repayment of installments by a potential bank customer. When analyzing creditworthiness, the bank always downloads the BIK report.

How to check your credit standing?

How to check your credit standing?

A person who is thinking about taking out a cash loan, for example, has the option of checking his creditworthiness in two ways: independently using a loan calculator or with the help of a bank employee. To check your credit standing, you may need to:

  • net amount of monthly income (in this case, the average from the last six months should be taken into account),
  • savings (they must be enough for 10% of own contribution),
  • source of income, type of employment contract and duration of employment,
  • other financial liability (previous credits or loans),
  • number of people in the household,
  • preferred loan amount,
  • loan repayment time.

BIK report – how to check your credit history?

The credit history is a factor that has a significant impact on creditworthiness. Checking the repayment history of previous loans or advances at the Credit Information Bureau is simple. All you have to do is register on the BIK website and download the report, which will contain details about your financial situation.

How to download the BIK report?

  1. Complete the form,
  2. Receive the activation link that comes to the e-mail provided above and activate it,
  3. Choose an account without a package and confirm your identity,
  4. Order a report (free).

The free report does not contain all the information that can be obtained from BIK. The so-called. a full report costs PLN 39 (single) or PLN 79 (package of 12 reports with additional services).

How do you calculate your creditworthiness?

How do you calculate your creditworthiness?

The easiest way is to use the creditworthiness calculator, which can be found on the Internet or use the help of a financial advisor. You can also calculate your creditworthiness by yourself. Then you need to consider things such as:

  • savings – are they enough for 10% own contribution,
  • average monthly net earnings (average of the last six months),
  • monthly subsistence costs for the person / family,
  • costs of loans, borrowings and installments already paid.

How much do you have to earn to get a loan?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Earnings that prove sufficient in one bank and for another institution may be unacceptable. People with the lowest national salary have the least chance of a mortgage, but this is not impossible.

It should also be remembered that own contribution is not insignificant. Banks require 10 percent. or 20 percent the value of the apartment you want to buy. People who do not have a down payment can think about a down payment loan.
However, it should be remembered that this is another large financial commitment, so it is worth making a good and long-term analysis of your home budget. This will help you avoid falling into a debt spiral.

All costs incurred should be deducted from net income. The amount that has been multiplied by 0.8. The amount that comes out this way is the approximate amount of the loan installment.

One hundred times the monthly earnings corresponds to the loan amount

How high a loan for an apartment can you get? In addition to calculating creditworthiness in individual cases, it is worth recalling the principle that was adopted in Western European countries. It says that a potential borrower can get a loan for an amount equal to one hundred times their monthly earnings.

In Poland, the loan installment amount cannot be more than 50 percent. a person’s income (net). In the case of marriage, creditworthiness is greater. It is very convenient, although in the event of divorce it is necessary to determine again who pays the loan and under what conditions. Credit and divorce are one of the most difficult situations.

Creditworthiness and income – the form of employment matters

Creditworthiness and income - the form of employment matters

One of the factors analyzed by the bank in the creditworthiness test is the condition of employment. Borrowers with an employment contract for an indefinite period are in the best position because they are reliable for the bank – in their case, there is the best chance that they will pay the installments regularly. It is not, however, that you can go to the bank as soon as you sign the employment contract.

How long do you have to be employed under a contract of employment for the bank to take this income into account?

  • 3 months minimum,
  • minimum 6 months (optional) – some banks will not take into account borrowers with less employment experience,
  • minimum 6 months or minimum 12 months (in some banks) – in the case of a fixed-term contract.

There may be a situation when the bank, in the case of a fixed-term contract, will require additional documents – a confirmation from the employer that it will extend the employee’s contract when it expires. This happens when the current contract is expected to expire earlier than half a year after submitting the loan application.

What else matters besides seniority?

  • place of employment (the best according to banks are state bodies),
  • enterprise stability,
  • market position of the company,
  • company existence time,
  • the amount of remuneration,
  • the type of remuneration (e.g. base plus bonus – the bonus is also calculated as creditworthiness if it is fixed or cyclical).

How does a civil law agreement affect your creditworthiness?

The ability analysis procedure looks the same, but the requirements of banks are changing, e.g. regarding seniority. A mandate contract or a specific task contract is less reliable for banks than an employment contract, but now you can take a mortgage on it (a few years ago there was no such option).

What is taken into account by banks when taking a loan under a contract other than an employment contract?

  • average salary from the last 6, 12 or 24 months (depending on the bank),
  • financial liability
  • number of persons in a given household.

The bank may also require a surety for the loan by the girrant, but it does not have to.

Seven ways to increase your credit standing

Seven ways to increase your credit standing

Improving creditworthiness is the goal of many people who are preparing to submit an application at the bank. So how do you improve your credit standing?

  1. Get rid of debt (if possible) – before submitting your application, it is a good idea to pay all possible debts,
  2. Check the credit history in the BIK (download the BIK report) – if you have such incorrect data, please ask for their correction,
  3. Take a loan with another person (if there is such a desire and possibility),
  4. Choose equal installments – when choosing decreasing installments, creditworthiness is always calculated in relation to the first, highest installment,
  5. Choose a loan in Polish currency – a loan in a foreign currency requires more creditworthiness,
  6. Sign an employment contract (if it is possible to change the contract, commission or work into an employment contract),
  7. Take a loan for a long term loan – but in the long run this solution is much more expensive.