CreditCole- cash loan.

CreditCole is a universal bank that focuses primarily on long-term customer relationships. The bank grants cash loans up to PLN 150,000 for any purpose.

CreditCole Bank Polska has been operating under the current banner since 2011. The bank’s head office is located in Wrocław. To this should be added over 460 own and partner stationary outlets. The bank also runs electronic and telephone banking. CreditCole employs nearly 5,000 people and serves over 2.1 million customers, including small businesses, farmers, corporations and individual customers.

CreditCole – offer

CreditCole - offer

CreditCole has a wide package of banking products. Services are dedicated to individual, business and farmers customers – from personal accounts for PLN 0, through credit cards, cash loans, mortgages, consolidation, insurance and products related to investing or saving.

You can also use the installment loan in e-stores and service and commercial outlets throughout the country, i.e. installment loans and photovoltaic loans. What’s more, the bank offers attractive investment deposits.

Cash loan up to 150,000 zł

Cash loan up to 150,000 zł

CreditCole has prepared an attractive offer of cash loans. It can be used by people who have a stable income. Borrowers can apply for an amount of up to PLN 150,000. PLN for any purpose. In order to take out a loan, you must provide a statement of earnings. An accepted form of employment is an employment contract and business activity. Pensioners can also benefit from the offer. The bank approaches other forms of employment individually.

Loan period – from one month to 120 months. In addition, the borrower can set the repayment date himself. When taking a loan, you can also take advantage of the cash loan insurance offered – you can choose between the Basic Package and the Extended Package.

Interestingly, in order to obtain a higher loan amount, it is enough to contract with another borrower. It can be a spouse, another family member or any unrelated person. Joint credit is a chance for and thus a higher amount.

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How to take a loan at CreditCole?

How to take a loan at CreditCole?

The bank has provided several different ways through which you can apply for a loan. You can do this in person by visiting one of CreditCole’s branches located throughout the country. To facilitate the appointment with an adviser, you can make an appointment electronically.

Another way is to talk to a bank consultant by phone. The number can be found on the CreditCole website. The bank also gives the opportunity to apply for a loan via sms. After sending a special message, the appropriate adviser will call you back on our phone number.

The last way is to submit an application online. Just specify the amount you are interested in and indicate the term of the loan. Then complete the form and provide your basic personal data, i.e. name, surname, PESEL, address of residence and correspondence address.

CreditCole requirements

CreditCole requirements

Each loan application is considered individually. If the proposed amount is too low after checking your creditworthiness, you can increase it. All you have to do is combine income with another co-borrower. In order to take a loan:

  • have an ID card,
  • be of legal age,
  • have a steady source of income.

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