Payday loan online -Getting a payday advance loan online has never been this easy

Speaking of interest, interest is also charged on the amount to be repaid after the loan has been withdrawn. This interest rate is higher than the interest rate on bank loans, for the simple reason that short-term loans are unsecured, so the risk to the lender is too great – since no proof is required of the consumer’s solvency, he is very unlikely to be able to return the amount withdrawn. Accordingly, higher risk means higher interest rate. A way for the lender to protect themselves from unwanted financial losses.

Getting a payday advance loan online has never been this easy

Payday loans onlineĀ as notes have many advantages, some of which we will try to list in the following lines:

  • Fast application and approval – all application and filing are done online, and the approval and transfer of money happen within a day, usually within a few hours. Thus, the user has their money available by the end of the day or at the latest on the next business day (if they applied late in the evening);
  • Easy and fast repayment – repayment of short-term loans is made at once without committing to long-term repayments and monthly installments, which can be a big problem at any given time;
  • The application requirements are kept to a minimum – no guarantors, no collateral, no compulsory employment contract or demonstrable income to show that the consumer can recover the amount when the due date comes;
  • Convenience – Apply online without having to wander around offices and wait in lines. There are no endless documents to fill out and all refund amounts are clearly indicated;

Lender must be fair to its customers

Therefore, all interest, fees and additional charges must be visible to the applicant before he or she has made a firm decision on whether to take advantage of a quick loan to paycheck and what amount to withdraw accurately. This way, the user will know exactly how much he has to pay back and be able to get an accurate account. This is good advice not only for the consumer, who will manage their finances much better but also for the lender, as the consumer will withdraw as much as he can return without a hitch – a situation that is sought on both sides.


  • Good judgment is required as to the amount you wish to withdraw – only withdraw as much as you can after the interest has been charged;
  • Not recommended for use with any kind of expense – short-term online loans are most effective when used for urgent, surprising expenses that you cannot otherwise cover. It is not recommended to use a payday loan for non-urgent purchases or just for pocket money, as the effect of the loan will be minimal and in some cases even negative. Use as intended.If you are familiar with all the information about short-term payday loans and feel that you are in a situation that requires applying for this type of loan, you can always turn to Seratum to get a reliable and reliable partner in your fight with financial problems

Remember that every first payday loan from Seratum is interest-free! Get a loan without interest up to 700 BGN and up to 15 days!

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