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May 9, 2018 Money in a few minutes on your account and zero unnecessary formalities? It’s possible – at Profit Loan. As always, the company focuses on customer convenience and launches a new online loan offer. Under it, all borrowers have a lot of good bonuses – e.g. one-off deferment of loan installments. 

Profit Loan – belongs to the Profireal Group, which grants loans to our southern neighbors – in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Profit Loan based in Bi Losko Comp., as one of the few loan companies, has an extensive network of branches where we can take out a loan.

Profit Loan also via the Internet – a new product from the lender

Profit Loan also via the Internet - a new product from the lender

Online loan is a new offer from Profit Loan Polska SA, a proven and trusted lender. In March 2017, the company received the distinction – the title of Business Power 2016 in the 9th edition of the Business Power competition! And this is just one of the factors that builds trust in the company. The most important element is a large group of satisfied customers.

Now Profit Loan makes borrowers’ life easier again. The company has made a simple and quick loan available online. The customer verification process is simple. Because it uses an automatic credit decision engine and an integrated mechanism of paying out loans with a quick transfer system. For the customer, this means that the money appears on his account even in a few minutes.

A loan at Profit Loan can be taken out:

  • up to 25,000 zł,
  • for a loan period of up to 48 months.

Profit Loan – promotional loan without interest in the online offer

When taking an installment loan online, the customer does not pay interest, and then the loan is 10% cheaper. (RSO is 0%). That’s not all: as part of the application process, the customer receives points as a reward. These can be exchanged for:

  • installment deferment,
  • halving two installments,
  • repayment of a single loan installment.

Loan at Profit Loan – how to get it online?

Loan at Profit Loan - how to get it online?

To take a loan online with Profit Loan:

  1. Complete a simple form that is on the lender’s website.
  2. Leave your phone number on the Profit Loan website and wait for immediate contact from the lender.

The client does not have to sign any documents. It is enough to enter the required data into an easy-to-use form or provide it in an interview with a consultant.

How long does the entire loan application process take?

  • 5 minutes – this is the time in which the customer completes the form,
  • 2 minutes – that’s how much it takes to calculate the borrower’s creditworthiness by a fast decision engine,
  • 8 minutes – the shortest time that has elapsed since filling out the form until the money appears on the customer’s account!

Problem with paying installments? Take a credit vacation at Profit Loan

Problem with paying installments? Take a <a href=credit vacation at Profit Loan” />

Sometimes it happens that the customer is not able to repay the loan at the moment. No need to panic – Profit Loan is aware of such situations and reaches out a helping hand to customers who are temporarily unable to pay. The company encourages you to contact a financial advisor who will tell you what to do in these situations.

In addition, Profit Loan has been taking care of clients in this area from the very beginning. Already while taking the loan, the client can take an additional package of services that will help him in temporary problems. Thanks to the package you can use the so-called credit holidays, which is to postpone repayment of loan installments for some time. You can also reduce the installment by up to 50 percent, which in special cases will bring relief to the client’s wallet.


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